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Welcome to our SAP Support and Operations Center

We have more than 20 years’ experience and know-how, supporting and maintaining roll-outs. Customer care and user satisfaction are among our top priorities. At Altim, we grow with our customers and help to boost their position in the market.

The care and satisfaction of our customers and users constitute one of our most important objectives. At Altim, we grow with them and help them to improve their positioning in the market.

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SAP Certified Support Center

SAP Support and maintenance quality guarantee.

Servicio 24x7- Altim
24/7 service

Our customers’ peace of mind comes first.

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We support more than 5,000 users

We are backed by our experience and the satisfaction of our customers.

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What does our SAP support and maintenance cover?

Mantenimiento correctivo

Corrective maintenance

  • Errors/problem diagnosis.
  • Functional and technical analysis of the solution.
  • Resolution of doubts and queries.
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Preventive maintenance

  • System monitoring.
  • Performance control.
  • EWA report on system status.
  • Development optimization.
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Evolutionary maintenance

  • Version changes.
  • Upgrade and validation of notes, patches.
  • Training in all SAP areas.
  • Design and development of new requirements.
  • Process optimization and automation.
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24/7 maintenance

  • High availability technical support service.
  • On-line and phone technical support: resolution of hardware and software problems.
  • Faster diagnoses and, as a result, improved performance of the solution.
  • Protection for the company’s investment in infrastructure.