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Our solid, long-term alliance with SAP and customer feedback guarantee our value as a technology partner with a focus on long-term service.

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IT Systems Roll-out and management

With 20 years’ experience and 250 SAP roll-outs, we create corporate transformation projects with our team of specialized, certified consultants. We are highly experienced in the food, chemical, real estate and construction, design engineering with manufacturing (PLM) and professional services industries, among others. Our solid, long-term alliance with SAP and customer feedback guarantee our value as a technology partner with a focus on long-term service.

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All you need for the proper digitalization of your business and to optimize your tasks while you improve your benefits.

Architecture Design and Roll-out

  • Requirements analysis.
  • Solution design and definition.
  • Defining the roll-out plan.

Development and Programming

  • SAP deployment in companies of all sizes and in all sectors.
  • Adaptation of the system to customer requirements: programming or configuring the system based on our in-depth knowledge of SAP parameters.
  • Planning project startup in the usability of the solution, staff training and in post-startup support.


  • Wide, flexible range.
  • SAP consultancy and development.
  • Systems Technicians, Java, web programming.
  • Gamification, data structure architects, advanced security.
  • Microsoft Environments.
  • Database Management Systems.

Systems Migration

  • We cover the entire SAP software life cycle, from operating system to database manager, ending with the application.
  • Hardware Migration.
  • Database migration (HANA, ASE, MSS SQL, ORACLE, DB2, MAxDB).
  • SAP version changes: technical and functional area, adding value with migration.


  • Own courses based on our experience with roll-outs.
  • Taught by specialist consultants with extensive practical experience.
  • Areas: All technical disciplines from the SAP solutions ecosystem.
  • Profile: Administrators, users, IT technicians and programmers.

Heterogeneous Migration

  • We analyses the system to the most suitable SAP platform, according to availability, scalability and cost criteria.
  • Comprehensive migration projects, from supply of the hardware to functional review.
  • We work with SAP-certified staff.

Systems Administration

  • We administer most SAP platforms on the market (Microsoft, Oracle, Linux, Unix, etc.)
  • We adapt to the availability requirements of the system, providing 24/7 services.
  • We can administer from any physical location, customer’s own or third-party CPD.

Installation audits

  • SAP architecture definition: optimization, reliability, performance and costs.
  • Integration with existing environments.
  • Systems analysis: definition of the plan for improvement followed by execution of analysis.
  • Verification of security standards identified by SAP.
  • Detection of possible security breaches in the system.
  • Verification of high availability mechanisms and backup and restore procedures.

Profesional Services Solutions

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Excellence, commitment and quality…

A customer-focused working methodology.

All resources are thoroughly screened to ensure a perfect fit with the profile requested by the customer and excellent flexibility adapting to price formats and the type of relationship. We supply specialists in a variety of sectors of activity and technologies to offer differential, quality solutions to most companies’ needs.

In synergy with our recruitment skills and experience in the national and international market and to satisfy the growing demand for professionals with knowledge of Digital Transformation trends, we now cover the demand for these new professionals in disciplines such as: Gamification, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality and Data Science.

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Augmented Reality

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Data Scientists

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