Transformation of the ERP: S/4HANA

Big data analysis platform

This is a technology platform for database management, which helps companies to optimize transactions and drastically accelerate analytics, forecast capacity, planningbusiness processes and data processing, in one scenario. This architecture is based on in-memory technology, for execution of both analytical and transactional processes.

Maximum speed in data management

  • Transactional and analytical data stored in one place, irrespective of whether it comes from SAP systems, third-party solutions and/or custom applications.
  • The platform combines:business transactions, advanced analytics, social networks, mobile experience and business collaboration.
  • On Premise roll-out in On Premise or Cloud mode, or a combination of both.
  • Scalability: Roll-out or migration according to business requirements with the possibility of expanding as necessary.
  • Programming language: HTML5, SQL, Open data protocol (OData). Support for multiple devices.

First solution to integrate real-time reports and analytics.

  • Process Simplificationcombined with operational and infrastructure cost reduction.
  • Significant improvements in user experience, customization and new mobile applications.
  • Easy migration without interrupting the pace of the business.
  • Business processes that are faster and easier.
  • Access to massive quantities of data in real time.
  • Visibility and analysis of detailed and summary information.
  • Roll-out anywhere: data centre or in the cloud.
  • Flexibility: Supports structured and unstructured data, as well as any from any origin or source of information (SAP or non-AP), texts, business data, social, videos, emails, etc.

Business value

Unprecedented opportunities and competitive advantages.


S/4HANA pantalla de la solución


  • Simplicity to concentrate on the basic tasks.
  • Real-time reporting and processes, without the limitations of the past.
  • Intuitive user experience with SAP Fiori, for users with any role, from any location and any device.
  • Simplified data model<, making roll-out flexible and profitable.
  • Risk-free migration reducing time to production startup.
S/4HANA pantalla de la solución

Existing applications with greater impact

  • Significant improvements in features and performance.
  • Fast financial close.
  • Real-time materials requirements planning.
  • Order and contract management.
  • Materials requirements planning, parallel with demand.
  • Inventory and warehouse management, maximizing return on investment.
S/4HANA pantalla de la solución

New applications, formerly unfeasible

  • Reconciliation of invoices, finances and cash.
  • Design and execution of complex projects.
  • Support and predictive maintenance.
  • Machine-to-machine communication in milliseconds.
  • Analysis of working capital, maximizing productivity.

Below you will discover the benefits by area and by process, where SAP HANA streamlines, improves and boosts speed and reliability of execution.