Product Lifecycle Management: PLM

  • Includes specific modules for controlling companies’ production in any industry.
  • Plan the entire production process: idea, raw material, project, manufacturing, customer objective, product launch, etc.
  • Provides an overview: integrates documentation from all phases of the production process.
  • 360º work support: interdepartmental connection for managing production tasks.
  • Compliant with quality regulation: processes respectful to the environment, health and safety.
  • Flexible solution to adapt to market changes, to promote satisfaction among customers.
  • Collaborative work tool: access from anywhere and on any mobile device.
  • Create information flows: real-time knowledge attracts business success.
  • Highest quality production: value-added products that drive leadership in the market.

“Technology caring for the life of your products: creation, growth and maturity.”


“Quality production process”

  • Global production plan (phases).
  • Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Value-added processes.

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“Document integration”

  • Multi-format information archive.
  • Digital document capture.
  • Lower cost data processing.

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