Sectorial Industry Solutions

The experience is a degree …

The best practices of each sector at the disposal of the business.

  • “All-in-one” management tool on the SAP ERP Business All-in-One (BAIO) platform, based on the best business practices.
  • Comprehensive finance control: monitoring of accounting by task.
  • Packaged industry solutions, simple, low-cost roll-out.
  • Planning of business activity: production, distribution, marketing, results.
  • Relationship with internal and external collaborators: suppliers, distributors, customers.
  • Scalable to business needs.
  • Specific processes for each industry.
  • Takes current legal regulations and quality requirements into account.
  • Access from mobile devices.


  • Comprehensive tool for the monitoring and control of all business processes.
  • Solution designed to satisfy market demands in any industry.
  • Consolidates agreements and relations with suppliers, distributors and customers.
  • Successful installations based on altim®’s knowledge of the industry and professional experience.
  • Rapid response to customer changes to guarantee their satisfaction and boost competitive leadership.
  • Promotes teamwork: constantly updated information accessible to all users.

Solución sectorial Aviación Myaltim


  • Information by department: aircraft, checks, route, crew.
  • Documentation generated for each flight.
  • Interaction with third parties in the provision of services.
Solución sectorial Construccion Myaltim


  • An Industry Solution Project from start to finish: design, quotation, sale of units.
  • Technical and administrative documentation.
  • Management of guarantees, leases, financial expenses, etc.
Solución sectorial Distribución Myaltim


  • Actual flow of stock: stock inventories at source and destination.
  • Coordinates the commercial network and maximizes productivity.
  • Logistics and finance integration with SAP Business Suite.
Solución sectorial Fabricación Myaltim


  • Meets daily manufacturing needs.
  • Quantifies materials, processes and products manufactured.
  • Plans production, sales and distribution.
Solución sectorial Farma-Quimico Myaltim

Chemical and pharmaceutical

  • Analysis of profit by product and by business area.
  • Quality control of raw and produced materials.
  • Legal documentation for pharmaceutical activity.
Solución sectorial Myaltim Ingenieria


  • Technical projects: phases, resources and monitoring.
  • Integrated with the Gantt diagram.
  • Compatible with Autocad (graphic materials).
  • Specific dashboard for the industry: key indicators to manage the situation of each project.
Solución sectorial Myaltim inmobiliario

Real estate

  • Property catalog: features, stock, development.
  • Sales process: pre-sales, sales, after-sales.
  • Real estate projects: analysis, structure and development.
Solución sectorial Myaltim productos de consumo

Consumer products

  • Production and sales environment of the food industry.
  • Management of stock, batches and expiry dates.
  • Product traceability.
  • Specific dashboard for the industry: reflecting income amounts by type of service.
Solución sectorial Myaltim servicios


  • Gives projects transparency.
  • Promotes customer service.
  • Helps to improve competitive positioning.
  • Specific dashboard for the industry: reflecting income amounts by type of service.
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