SAP Hybris

Altim® SAP Hybris Commerce y Marketing: Hybris

  • 24/7 platform: accessible at anytime and anywhere, from any device with an Internet connection.
  • 360º sales cycle: product catalog with features and prices, multichannel sales, secure payment, order tracking, etc.
  • Easy to manage: with specific consoles to manage the tool simply and intuitively.
  • Marketing and segmentation: creates promotional and marketing campaigns, customizes strategy for a specific segment.
  • Complete sales process: between companies — B2B, Business to Business -, for end customers – B2C, Business to Consumer – and for Telecommunications companies – Telco.
  • Interface custom-designed and with great usability: reduces the quit rate.
  • A market leading solution, recognized by experts both in e-commerce and in Marketing.
  • Full range of features: integrates tools so that you can manage your entire digital business on the same platform.
  • Maximizes roll-out success, with adaptation to your business model.
  • An integral e-commerce solution: 100% integrated mobility.
  • Easy to manage, reduces administration time.
  • Centralizes content and products in one tool.
  • Boosts sales, with selective recommendations and specific promotions.
  • Multichannel: integrates a system of web sales, in store and via call centre through external payments.
  • Creates customer loyalty by generating segmented marketing campaigns.
  • Improves customer service, with integrated coverage of the process from a 24/7 platform.
  • Professional and customer user experience: simple, user-friendly and always accessible.
  • Guarantee your target public a secure purchase, reliable and transparent.
  • Responsive design: SAP Hybris enables customization of design for optimization that responds to all screen sizes, providing an optimum display for any device.
  • Help to position your brand: integration for SEO positioning adaptable to each page, as well as inclusion of Social Share to increase activity on the social media.

“The fastest and easiest way to sell on-line through an easy and secure shopping experience.”


B2B application

“E-commerce between companies”

  • Sell only to specific customers, closed registration system.
  • Approval and management of orders on the website.
  • Possibility of programming purchases to be repeated periodically.
  • Flexible management of direct discounts on large orders: option of applying on-line.

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B2C application

“E-commerce between companies”

  • Open registration system and possibility of just visiting.
  • Management of orders on an administration console.
  • Removes currency, language and resource barriers from your sales.

Telco application

“E-commerce for telecommunications sector”

  • Guided sales system for jointly adding teams, plans and value-added services.
  • Recurrent price management (in purchase, first invoice and seasonal.
  • Specific features for configuring all information about the services offered (broadband packages, mobile, TV, etc.).