Business Process Management: ERP

  • A business solution that integrates all areas and departments of the company in the same application.
  • Tailored for each industry and company, according to market and target customer.
  • Information in just one channel: analytics, reports, budgeting, cost control, inventory, etc.
  • Enables the use of best business practices, providing flexibility for adapting to business requirements and reducing roll-out costs.
  • Availability of the platform in the cloud, facilitating integration and on-line expansion.

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  • Optimizes business processes thanks to standardized management.
  • Expands and details the overview of business transactions.
  • Guarantees the appropriate level of functionality for each company.
  • It is a solution that grows with the business.
  • It responds to market requirements and takes care of constantly changing customer needs.
  • It enables direct work with external and internal contributors.
  • It provides the tools necessary to innovate, accelerate and overtake the competitors.

“SAP enables us to integrate all our company business processes in one management system.”

Quality and Systems Manager, Hojiblanca Group


“An advanced solution”

  • A complete business management solution.
  • Designed for medium-sized businesses (BAIO).
  • Roll-out in 12 weeks.
  • Possibility of paying by monthly installments.

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“A packaged solution”

  • Manufacturing, marketing and services industry.
  • Includes pre-configured scope, roll-out services, training and 5 user licenses.
  • Rapid and profitable roll-out with fixed price and payment period.
  • Possibility of paying by monthly installments.

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SAP Business by Design

“Cloud Solution”

  • Business management solution (ERP) in the cloud.
  • Includes CRM-customers, SRM-suppliers and SCM-supply modules.
  • Integrates SAP Business Intelligence Reports, depending on requirements.
  • Roll-out in 8 weeks.
  • Price subject to monthly subscription.

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