Customer Relations Management: CRM

  • A business solution fully integrated with any ERP.
  • Includes sales force, marketing and services scenarios.
  • Functions for generating leads, making marketing campaigns profitable, controlling the sales force, managing the pipeline, offering an after-sales service, dealing with complaints and returns, administering purchase warranties, etc.
  • Simplifies the IT infrastructure with a single, efficient solution that provides support for marketing, sales and service activities.
  • Makes the most of best business practices, is flexible to new business requirements and reduces roll-out costs.
  • Availability of the platform in the cloud, facilitating integration and on-line expansion.
  • Improves customer relations in any size of business in any industry.
  • 360º control and view of the customer: unification of data and actions carried out for more efficient decision-making.
  • Optimization of business processes and standardization of sales functions and channels.
  • Boosts generation of leads, making marketing actions profitable.
  • Increase in sales team productivity thanks to thoroughness and accuracy in the sales process: logging of activities, opportunities, orders, billing, customer relations and satisfaction.
  • Increase in customer loyalty.
  • Meets the requirements of the market and develops alongside customer needs.

“SAP CRM utilities enable us to carry out detailed and à-la-carte segmentation of our customers, with the resulting launch of campaigns targeted at them.”



“An advanced solution”

  • A business solution designed for medium-sized companies (BAIO).
  • Marketing, sales force and services scenarios (after-sales).
  • Mobility (on-line and off-line).
  • Roll-out in 8 weeks.
  • Possibility of paying by monthly installments.

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“A packaged solution”

  • Sales force and marketing scenarios.
  • Includes pre-configured scope, roll-out services, training and 5 user licenses.
  • Rapid and profitable roll-out with fixed price and payment period.
  • Risk reduction and post startup maintenance.
  • Possibility of paying by monthly installments.

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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

“Cloud Solution”

  • CRM Solution in the cloud.
  • Sales Force, Services, Social Media and SAP Social Media Analytics scenarios.
  • Integrates SAP Business Intelligence Reports, depending on requirements.
  • Mobility (on-line and off-line).
  • Roll-out in 4 weeks.
  • Price subject to monthly subscription.

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