SAP Advanced Track and Trace

SAP Advanced Track and Trace

The pharmaceutical serialization

SAP Track and Trace is a system that allows tracking and control of the traceability of the pharmaceutical products. This system is applied on the end-to-end supply chain, production process and commercial distribution.

The 2011/62/EU European directive regulates specifically that, from February of 2019 will be mandatory for all the prescription medicines to incorporate security seals to allow verifications along the supply chain to avoid fraud of pharmaceutical products.

When the pharmacist, last step from the value chain, sells prescription medicines to a patient, the code that appears on the box will be sent to a central database to be reviewed and verified.

  • Integration with the ERP systems (SAP R3 y S4 HANA among others).
  • Management of the serial number created.
  • Integration of the Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Integration of the packaging line.
  • Database repository.
  • Regulatory report / Rules Engine.
  • SAP applications interface.
  • Specifications by country that allows generating legal reports through web services with European Hub.

Some of the benefits of the solution SAP Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals are:

  • Location by country: if there are any specifications by country, SAP does the necessary setting for that localization around the world.
  • Simple integration of the standards process without making major settings or developments.
  • Reporting included in the solution integration those specific attributes of the implemented countries.

Serialization processing of SAP Advance Track and Trace

track and trace

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