IT Infrastructure

IT specialists

Technology as a support for your business.

  • They manage desktop and server environments, schedule automatic backups and monitor the health of backups, from the comfort of a web-based administration console.
  • They guarantee maximum data security and protection.
  • They save time and money: without configuration loads or the purchase of hardware.
  • Internet-based email analytics solution that eliminates threats from incoming and outgoing messages: spam, virus, phishing scams, directory harvest attacks and denial-of-service attacks (DoS).
  • Essential protection against virus, spyware, web threats and hacker attacks.
  • There is no need for the addition of hardware, software or contracting specialized IT infrastructure staff.
  • Simple administration: easy to install and maintain in correct operation.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Accelerate the identification and detection rate of web threats.
  • Offers on-demand data storage and processing applications and resources; both fully integrated in the IT infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure as a service with unbeatable value and flexibility, with no manufacturer dependency.
  • Service aimed at companies of any size or industry: all the business characteristics of a public cloud are included with the standard service.
  • Pay-per-use billing mode.
  • Capable of attending the needs of all types of cloud infrastructures, both public and private, or hybrid.
  • Fully automated and scalable.
  • It can be rolled out with the simplicity and comfort of a public cloud, and with the security and reliability of a private cloud.