Business Analytics

Business Analytics: BA

  • Comprehensive solution for business analysis: unify systems, companies and business areas.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface, with preset and customizable templates.
  • Automates data management accurately and quickly.
  • Enables predictive analysis for executive decision-making.
  • Specific functionality for creating projects, reports, and financial statements.
  • Mobility: self-managed access to the information anywhere, anytime.
  • Unifies decision processes, fostering success and value-added.
  • Enables more accurate predictions, reducing uncertainty.
  • It is a tool with a competitive advantage: it analyses the market and detects opportunities.
  • Collaborative work from mobile devices and with constantly up-to-date information.
  • Maximize corporate performance, through multi-dimensional data analysis.

“With SAP, a process of unification has begun for adequate and effective decision-making in the company”.

Iberchem Financial Director

SAP BI:Business intelligence

“Data mining”

  • Information repository
  • Unify business areas
  • Integrate SAP and non-SAP data

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SAP BOBJ: Business objects

“Data presentation”

  • Presentations in reports and graphs
  • Facilitates data analysis
  • Dashboards by industry (olive oil, engineering, hotels and resorts)
  • Integrated with MS Office

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SAP Lumira

“Organize, research and analyze data”

  • Consolidate information through data from different origins
  • User tool
  • Accelerates decision-making
  • Facilitates teamwork by sharing reports

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