Digital Transformation

The future is comming sooner

There’s no question that digital transformation has been the most important revolution to hit society since the first industrial revolution. This opportunity to become more competitive and to reinvent technology in all sectors and fields of activity through digital interaction, processes, machines and systems, is presenting investors, companies, associations and governments with their biggest-ever challenge in terms of progress and medium- and long-term change.

Consumers are the key factor that will drive the Digital Business Transformation process. The success of social networks, e-commerce, Big Data and smart devices have laid the foundations for making the definitive leap in disruptive innovation built into the value chain of companies and consumers.

Consequently, Digital Business Transformation means that different business sectors of the value chain must adapt to the disruptive effect that starts with the integration of the digital consumer, on a thrilling journey full of opportunities to improve productivity, cut costs and improve operational efficiency.

Altim specializes in designing and implementing Digital Business Transformation solutions that can be applied in most sectors of business, providing advanced information segmentation and analysis solutions, industrial process automation, electronic commerce – digital marketing and cloud-based solutions that guarantee coverage of a broad spectrum of our customers’ needs.


“Digital Transformation Solution”

  • Our business management solution (ERP)
  • HANA in-memory data platform for real-time analysis
  • Simplified processes
  • New interface and user experience
  • New architecture and data model
  • Cloud & On premises roll-out
  • Native integration with IoT and analytics

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“Digital Business Transformation Solution”

  • Omni-Channel E-commerce – B2B and B2C
  • Integrated Marketing Digital and analytics
  • Integrated social networks
  • Invoice management
  • Commercial and sales force management
  • Service and customer care management
  • Vertical solutions
  • Configurable and multidevice

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