The project at the heart of the company

The best engineering software

These solutions are aimed at engineering and/or architectural companies specializing in studies, projects, works management, technical advice and support. The features of the tools focus on the management of projects such as those for civil works, construction, industrial, aeronautics, telecommunications, energy installations, etc.

  • Engineering software adapted to company requirements: minimum risk and maximum benefit.
  • Instill information exchange flows in real-time.
  • Increase productivity and competitiveness by team work over networks.
  • Flexible to transformation in the industry, market trends and customer wishes.
  • Helps to plan several versions of a project (documentation, resources, proposal, evaluation, final proposal).
  • Integrate an IT management system with a graphical application.
  • Provide a tool for team work with all documentation available.
  • Establish real-time communication between internal and external collaborators.
  • Monitor the progress of all projects (deadlines, costs, deviations).

Case Studies

btd Caso de éxito Altim

Challenges achieved:
  • Integration of business areas and the transformation of project work flow.
  • Unique data, centralized inter-departmental information.
  • Information accessibility, mobility and security.
  • Improvement and evolution of business processes.
Implemented solutions:
  • IaaS: On Demand servers and storage.
Fhecor Caso de éxito Altim

Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores
Challenges achieved:
  • Integrate data management with graphical solutions.
  • Improve relationships with collaborators: negotiations, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increase business profit.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Engineering.
inditer Caso de éxito Altim

Challenges achieved:
  • Automate human resources: work orders, calendar, payroll, etc.
  • Differentiated positioning of the product-brand.
  • Increase in the success of projects.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Engineering.
ingeteam Caso de éxito Altim

Ingeteam Service
Challenges achieved:
  • Control projects from start to finish.
  • Anticipate demands.
  • Simplify decisions, increasing market success.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Engineering.
insyte instalaciones Caso de éxito Altim

Insyte Instalaciones S.A.
Challenges achieved:
  • Global management: company headquarters + branches.
  • Rigorous knowledge, increasing profit.
  • Efficient solution for recovery after disasters.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Engineering.
  • SAP BI – Business intelligence.
  • Microsoft on line Services.
  • IaaS: On Demand servers and storage.
Insyte Caso de éxito Altim

Insyte S.A.
Challenges achieved:
  • Better competitive position in the industry.
  • Control of operational traceability.
  • Improved quality of products, services and projects.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Engineering.