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Plan & Manage with the best construction software

The solutions are for companies dedicated to the construction of civil works and infrastructure projects for residential, commercial, industrial, public works and institutional purposes. The function of the tools is to represent an integrated information environment (projects, supplies, finance, logistics, works, documentation, certificates and promotion) and precisely configure administrative and financial processes.

  • A construction software tool for collaborating with customers and suppliers.
  • Plan the phases of the works: project, execution, resource evaluation and final result (building).
  • High level of scalability and adaptation to the needs of the construction market.
  • Simplify proposals: organization of resources into chapters, sub-chapters and works units.
  • More successful results based on monitoring the works from start to finish.
  • Centralize information: master data, contracts, certificates, deeds, and technical and administrative documentation.
  • Unify the management of materials, machinery, labor and other construction-related resources.
  • Streamline billing (manual or automatic) according to distinct criteria: percentage-based, certifications at source, milestones, etc.
  • Define real-estate development: features, visits, status and availability.

Case Studies

Ursa Caso de éxito Altim

Challenges achieved:
  • Increase opportunities and final sales.
  • Commercial management 360º mobility.
  • Unique data: information always up-to-date.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.
Canval Caso de éxito Altim

Canval Empresa Constructora S.L.
Challenges achieved:
  • Real-time project monitoring
  • Rapid return on investment.
  • Real rigorous document classification.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim: Construction.
  • Open Text: Document management.
Ossa Caso de éxito Altim

Obras Subterráneas S.A.
Challenges achieved:
  • Current and future vision of the Company (opportunities).
  • Monitoring of works from start to finish.
  • SAP and non-SAP data reports (integration).
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim: Construction.
  • SAP BI:Business intelligence.