Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Emphasis on the company’s quality, traceability and competitiveness.

We have wide experience in solutions oriented to the Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries.

The solutions are aimed at companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry dedicated to the investigation, elaboration and commercialization of components and products for household cleaning, personal care, cosmetics, food and health, etc. The features of these tools enables the administration of all operations and departments (production, finance, distribution and commercialization), unifying the documentation of chemical and pharmaceutical activity in order to comply with legislation.

  • Control of production, quality, expiration and traceability of materials and lots.
  • Mobility: working as a team at the office or away (BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad).
  • Transparent and trust-based customer relations, essential for health care, beauty, food and household products.
  • Myaltim: CRMpharma: automate interaction, streamline campaigns (segmentation, marketing, multichannel care, results) and improve sales.
  • Myaltim: Pharmalab: control production, quality, expiration and traceability of materials and lots.
  • Take on industry competition: positioning of brand-product, R&D, price and legal requirements.
  • Production control, in accordance with material quality requirements (suppliers), processes and finished products..
  • Simplify accounting: structural costs, product expenses, sales prices and income in real-time.
  • Streamline the commercial process: support sales (visits, activities, trips) and facilitate purchases (products, customers).

Casos de éxito

Pangaea Caso de éxito Altim

Pangaea Oncology
Challenges achieved:
  • Integration of ERP with other systems.
  • Standardization and integrated process management.
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management.
  • Cost and revenue analytical reporting for all business areas.
Implemented solutions:
Iberchem Caso de éxito Altim

Challenges achieved:
  • Real-time information: flows and traceability.
  • Adaptation to market dynamics.
  • Monitoring of systems: guaranteed success.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP.
  • SAP BI:Business intelligence.
  • IaaS: On Demand servers and storage.
Belmac Caso de éxito Altim

Laboratorios Belmac

Challenges achieved:
  • Effectiveness of strategic decisions.
  • Creation of monthly reports.
  • Better relations with sales representatives.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:PharmaLab.
Diater Caso de éxito Altim

Laboratorios Diater
Challenges achieved:
  • Centralization of master data.
  • Maximization of sales force.
  • Successful marketing campaigns.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Pharmalab.
  • SAP CRM – Myaltim:CRMpharma.
  • Mobile Sales SAP CRM.
laboratorios Gramar Caso de éxito Altim

Laboratorios Gramar
Challenges achieved:
  • Traceability of pharmaceutical products.
  • Successful decision-making.
  • Inventory quality control.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Pharmalab.