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Aircraft management with SAP

The solutions are designed for companies dedicated to aircraft management that need or wish to improve the efficiency of the services they offer potential customers. The features of the tools are designed to integrate all areas of the company (product, maintenance, finance, sales, quality and customers), enabling specific analysis by aircraft and business area (flight service, maintenance).Eficaz para posicionar la marca-servicio en el mercado y destacar frente a la competencia.

  • Effective in positioning the brand-service in the market and standing out from competition.
  • Application for collaborative work: connection available anytime and anywhere.
  • Standardization of sources and databases: improves management, organization and use of company documentation.
  • Integration with on-line budgeting systems.
  • Scalable to new business requirements, as well as industry-led technology changes.
  • Have a single information system available for internal and external contributors.
  • Bring all departments together to make the most of the resources invested.
  • Control documentation of aviation services: aircraft, flights, checks, customers, etc.
  • Increase the forecast of changes in the environment and in demand.
  • Comply with the legal requirements of the aviation industry and services marketing.


Case Studies

aerlyper Caso de éxito Altim


Challenges achieved:
  • Traceability of business processes.
  • Higher guarantee of success with customers.
  • Management of the company’s present and future.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Aviation.
Jets personales Caso de éxito Altim

Jets Personales

Challenges achieved:
  • Standardization of business data.
  • Operational control by business unit (aircraft).
  • Securing brand positioning.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Aviation.
Skyservice Caso de éxito Altim


Challenges achieved:
  • Information flow between departments.
  • Rigorous vision: aircraft, crew, flight plan and maintenance.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Aviation.
Tag Caso de éxito Altim

TAG Aviation

Challenges achieved:
  • Integrate all management processes.
  • Benefits per operational unit (aircraft).
  • Commitment to leadership, with more strategic decisions.
Implemented solutions:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Aviation.